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    • ya arkadaslar dosyalari göstermiyor.film izlerken yada müzik dinlerken dosyalari gösteriyor
      hepsini göster secenegini tiklayinca aninda görüntü, sorun yok.
      ama game saved bölümünde bu secenegi bile göstermiyor.
      ayar falan mi yapmam lazim?
      nedir sorun? bilen arkadaslar yardimci olursa sevinirim.
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      <font><span>Welcome to my</span> PES 2010 PS3 option file</font>

      <font>Best of Both!!
      Bundesliga AND Championship Teams

      <font>Now including full Championship Squads and kits as well as 8 Bundesliga teams for a proper Master League experience!</font>


      All EPL <span>emblems</span> completely redone, HQ flat emblems
      All EPL <span>kits</span> - Home, Away and GK done to perfect standard with logos
      All Squad Numbers, formations tweaked
      All Konami DLC problems fixed, transfers corrected/made
      All La Liga emblems done in HQ
      All La Liga kits - Home, Away and GK done to perfect standard with logos
      EVERY SINGLE international fake player corrected (1,000+)
      All European National kits completed
      95% Hidden players unlocked and renamed
      All Classic Nations unlocked,renamed and Classic retro kits done
      8 Major <span>Bundesliga</span> <span>teams</span> (see below) with all emblems and kits completed
      18 Coca Cola <span>Championship</span> teams with created players and all kits completed NEW
      Updated Denmark, Norway, Russia, Romania, Switzerland kits NEW
      Updated Werder Bremen and Tenerife kits to new sponsors NEW
      Trabzonspor, CSKA Moscow and Panionios kits completed NEW
      Cameroon, Egypt, Mexico and South Africa kits completed NEW
      Major Transfers completed up to end of Transfer Window NEW

      New v2.1 Update

      Updated 5 and created 4 new kits including Morrocco H,A USA Away
      Created and registered Sol Campbell, Adam Johnson and Victor Moses
      Updated several squad numbers
      All 18 Championship teams now have correct HQ emblems
      La Liga and Bundesliga Emblems replaced with generic League emblems


      The following Bundesliga teams have been created and all in game players (including hidden players) registered. Every team has at least a starting 11.

      <font>Bayern Munich
      Werder Bremen
      Borussia Dortmund
      VfB Stuttgart
      Schalke 04
      Bayer 04 Leverkusen
      Hamburger SV

      All Kits and emblems done to same high standard
      These teams are in Other Leagues A overwriting Stabaek, Rubin Kazan, Amkar Perm, FC Zurich, Steaua Bucharest and Dynamo Moscow.

      <font>Coca Cola Championship</font>

      The following Coca Cola Championship teams have been created in Other Leagues B. All in game players are registered and remaining squad players created with basic appearances and info - Many thanks to Rick_Eight for his help in completing the remaining 14 squads

      <font>Bristol City
      Cardiff City
      Coventry City
      Crystal Palace
      Derby County
      Ipswich Town
      Leicester City
      Newcastle United
      Nottingham Forest
      Preston North End
      Queens Park Rangers
      Sheffield United
      Sheffield Wednesday
      Swansea City
      West Bromwich Albion

      Full kits have been completed to a high standard for all teams

      Please bear in mind that to have the full quota of players for the Bundesliga and all current Championship players you will have to unlock the hidden players.
      DOWNLOAD FULL v2.0 FILE <font>HERE</font>
      DOWNLOAD v1.4-v2.0 update files only <font>HERE</font>
      DOWNLOAD v2.1 update (must have v2.0 first) <font>HERE</font>

      <font>~Big Credit to Rick_Eight for editting the Championship squads and creating players
      ~Credit also to JackWho BRA for his png files for EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, some Championship and some National kits. Vixon and Umbroboy for various other png files for kits</font>
      "คtค๓ เzเภ๔єאเz ๒เz๔є Ŧєภєг๒คђçєlเאเz"


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